About [SC]²

The Software-Centric Systems Conference facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the crucial and strategic discipline of complex software development. It is here to help professionals and decision makers in information-intensive markets with the use of technology, to drive innovation and to provide insight in emerging trends. Through structured and informal networking they can share ideas on how to make the software development process more reliable and more efficient, in order to improve the time-to-market and time-to-value.


The Software-Centric Systems Conference brings together:

  • executives at a senior level who make or influence decisions, such as CEOs, CTOs, managers of R&D departments, development groups, teams and projects;
  • system and software architects;
  • technology innovators and solution providers.


Wednesday 25 May 2016


The Software-Centric Systems Conference is hosted at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. The Eindhoven region is a globally recognized hot spot of the high tech industry, home to many renowned multinational and international companies, such as ASML, FEI Company, Philips, Tomtom and numerous others. The region produces some of the most sophisticated embedded/technical software in the world and employs in excess of 6,000 highly skilled software engineers.