Ard Willems [ASM Pacific Technology]

The shift towards a value-oriented software organization

11:45 – 12:25 (subject to change)

The Netherlands historically plays a relatively big role in the semiconductor industry, and today, software development teams globally still look at the Netherlands for guidance in coping with the demanding customer base and complex machines. Theoretically, a consensus on the most efficient yet quality driven software approach exists. However, transforming a traditional organization in adopting these agile ways-of-working is challenging and time consuming, especially when adding a cultural boundary towards Asia. Moreover, one can argue that these practices don’t translate well to every organization. Better is it to focus on the universal principle of adding value with software. Still organizational, cultural and process changes need to be made, but these are far more straightforward and scalable. In this talk, Ard Willems will explain what aspects one needs to manage properly to achieve this goal, ranging from software development for quality and speed, to the business side of selling software.

Ard Willems has a background in mathematics and has been working in high-tech software for over 12 years in different roles, ranging from software engineer and software architect in the semiconductor industry, to different technical and project management activities in service and delivery of software. Currently, he’s operating at ASM Pacific Technology as senior technology development manager for software. In this role, he’s responsible for innovation project activities with partners in the Netherlands and improving the software development activities of ASMPT in Asia.