Corné van de Pol [Alten] featuring Ger Schoeber [Hotraco]

BDD: removing the communication barrier

14:00 – 14:40 (subject to change)

Who doesn’t know the ‘tree swing’ cartoon from ‘how the customer explained it’ to ‘what the customer really needed’? A funny cartoon, but unfortunately, oh so true. It underlines how difficult it is to communicate about requirements. BDD (behavior driven development) is a very helpful means to ease the communication between non-technical (customers, product managers) and technical people (software developers, testers). Using BDD, easily readable and understandable examples help to link the technical level (development) to the required functionality (customer need). This provides the team with the rationale behind requested features and therefore opens the door to various solutions.

This talk will provide insight into how BDD helped in several use cases at Hotraco facing these communication challenges. It will show lessons learned whilst introducing Agile and, more specifically, the behavior driven development way of working within this organization.

Corné van de Pol is a software consultant at Alten Nederland, which gave him the opportunity to work for a range of companies such as Philips, Vanderlande, Hotraco and ASML. He enjoys learning and helping others and is specialized in agile software development methods like behavior driven cevelopment (BDD). He gained experience in the field of BDD at several assignments and also introduced it at Hotraco, where he fulfilled the role of software architect.