Jasper Wognum [Braincreators]

The hype around AI is over, time to get back to work

14:45 – 15:25 (subject to change)

In the last couple of years, our expectations of AI have risen to Hollywood levels. Hence, reality could only be a disappointment. Talking to a chatbot is nothing like talking to a human and self-driving cars will kill people. Regardless, machine learning applications are spreading like wildfire below the surface and enrich our lives in many ways. Machine learning will rapidly impact your life and business. The critical success factor for any AI or ML solution has little to do with the magic of algorithms or models. It doesn’t even require a data scientist. Learn how you can prepare successful cases based on what you already know.

Jasper Wognum studied artificial intelligence in the 90s. In 2012, he started a machine learning company with a group of former classmates. Today, they run Braincreators on a mission to enable every business, government, NGO and entrepreneur to leverage ML technology.