Michiel van Genuchten [Philips Vitalhealth]

On the impact of software

11:45 – 12:25 (subject to change)

Software has put the computer industry upside down in the last decade of the 20th century, mobile phones followed a decade later and the car industry, as well as banking, are changing as we speak. The impact of software on these industries goes far beyond technology and engineering. Business models change and the industry leaders before the software revolution have problems to compete. As a result, software companies now dominate industries and are among the most valuable companies in the world.

The Impact of software is also the topic of a series of columns that has appeared in “IEEE Software” over the last decade, edited by Michiel van Genuchten and Les Hatton. Senior technical and business managers describe the impact of software in their industry. Lessons learned and recommendations how to thrive in a software world have been derived and will be discussed in this talk.

Michiel van Genuchten has been managing software teams and software businesses for 25 years in roles as executive, software manager, general manager and VP of digitalization. He’s experienced the transition from analogue to digital businesses in the computer, mobile phone and medical industry, working for world market leaders such as Philips Electronics and Straumann (Switzerland). He was a member of the management team of Vitalhealth Software from 2013 until the company was acquired by Philips in 2017. His current role is general manager of enterprise accounts at Philips Vitalhealth. He’s also a member of the editorial board of “IEEE Software”.