Nico Meijerman [NTS]

Lessons learned when developing from a mechanically-centric to a software-centric company

11:00 – 11:40 (subject to change)

Machine builders and their suppliers are moving from developing, manufacturing and maintaining pure (electro)mechanical machines to systems with much larger software content. This trend has been ongoing for several decades, and it turns out that it’s more difficult than expected for successful companies to adapt in order to cope with this trend, while maintaining and utilizing their original competences. Most companies are aware that their survival depends on this adaptation but awareness isn’t enough. So what drives the trend and which changes are needed? And what are the blocking factors? NTS is in the middle of this change and while doing this, we learned a lot. In this talk, we will share some of these learnings.

Nico Meijerman studied electrical engineering at the University of Twente. After his graduation, he worked in different companies and different roles, mostly related to software engineering in industrial environments. Since almost four years, he’s been working as the manager of the machine control group within NTS Development & Engineering. As such, he’s responsible for growing the software awareness and competence within NTS.