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In search of synergy: software boosters in a hardware world

Wei Li

VP D&E Software, ASML

The semiconductor industry continues to shrink chips according to Moore’s Law. But as chips shrink, their manufacturing complexity rises and margins for error become smaller. To optimize the process and cost, ASML implements increasingly finer levels of modeling, analytics and control of its lithography systems through software innovations. In this keynote, ASML’s Wei Li looks at how software development boosts our hardware, optimizes the applications we create for our customers and crunches big data for invaluable innovation insights.

Wei Li started her software career in the Bay Area of California, where she held director roles in several start/scale-up technology companies. In 2007, she joined ASML’s computational lithography division Brion as its Vice President of Engineering Operations. She’s currently the Vice President of Software for ASML’s Development & Engineering sector and based in the company’s Veldhoven headquarters. She holds a PhD in physics and an MSc in system sciences from Louisiana State University.