Daan van der Munnik [Philips]

The secret of staying young (how we mix our software anti-aging cream)

14:45 – 15:25 (subject to change)

Within Philips, the business unit Image Guided Therapy Systems develops x-ray systems for cardiac and vascular medical diagnosis and intervention. These systems are developed under strict regulatory constraints and contain a large software codebase that has to be maintained over a long system lifecycle. This talk will highlight the challenges we face during development and maintenance and how we deal with these challenges from various angles. We’ll touch upon the importance of software quality and our approach to continuously improve in this area. We’ll also give examples on how we use model driven engineering and rigorous interface management to manage the growing complexity in a system-of-systems environment. These include both advanced research and practical use of commercial off-the-shelf tooling.

Daan van der Munnik started as a software architect in Philips Healthcare. After making a sidestep as an IT director of an ISP start-up, he returned to software development in 2003. He¬†worked on bridging the gap between the IT world and the R&D world, being globally responsible for software development tooling in Philips.¬†Currently, he’s managing the software development in the Imaging Chain Cluster within Image Guided Therapy Systems.