Davy Landman [Swat.engineering]

Fast iterations for DSL design and implementation

13:00 – 13:40

Business context and business insight are constantly changing. How does your software keep up with this? Domain-specific languages/models (DSLs) can help to develop and evolve software for your core business. Language design and implementation is a complex process and the result is often hard to change. This talk showcases how we worked on a new DSL for the Dutch National Forensic Institute (NFI) and quickly iterated over different designs and prototype implementations of the language. Using our approach allows for efficient feedback cycles between all parties and faster time-to-market. DSLs can be applied to small and large software systems.

Davy Landman has been developing software for the past 15 years. After a detour in academia, he co-founded Swat.engineering to apply the newest DSL techniques at companies. As both the CEO and a language engineer, he supports companies in all aspects to make their domain knowledge explicit and exploit it for new and existing software.