9 reasons to attend

We live in a software-driven world and virtually any company these days is a software company. Consequently, your software engineering capability is of critical importance to be successful. The key factors are speed, data and ecosystems.

Jan Bosch

Professor of software engineering, Chalmers University of Technology

SC2 is an excellent opportunity for the Brainport region to show that we are leaders in the world of high-tech software engineering, enabling the realization of many smart systems.

Hans Aerts

VP software engineering, Tomtom

The realization of complex high-quality systems continuously requires to apply the latest available techniques such as model-based virtual prototyping and continuous delivery. SC2 always inspires towards the next step.

Toon van Dijk

Manager embedded software development, Océ

SC2 is the ideal environment to exchange experiences and getting inspired by others. All available in the region but unlocked by SC2.

Hans van Eldert

Local functional manager software, Kulicke & Soffa

With software being an increasingly important product differentiator it’s vital for high tech companies to apply state-of-the-art software engineering techniques. SC2 is an important event to share best practices.

Arjen Klomp

Strategic programme manager software, Thermo Fisher Scientific/FEI

Our ability to produce high-quality and high-value software is our main differentiator to stay ahead of our competitors and to keep on advancing the world of health.

Yan Lucas

R&D software manager, BD Kiestra

We have to maintain a large legacy codebase while at the same time keeping up innovation speed. SC2 is a great opportunity to learn and share best practices in this area.

Daan van der Munnik

Technical department manager software, Philips

The power of software functionality will make the transformation from machine supplier to total integrated solution provider (more) easy.

Peter Neumann

Software manager, Moba

Innovation thrives on creativity and free exchange of ideas. SC2 is an ideal opportunity for software architects to look outside their company and connect with their peers.

Frank Zalm

Director applications engineering, Thales Nederland