15 reasons to attend

We live in a software-driven world and virtually any company these days is a software company. Consequently, your software engineering capability is of critical importance to be successful. The key factors are speed, data and ecosystems.

Jan Bosch

Professor of software engineering, Chalmers University of Technology

SC2 is an excellent opportunity for the Brainport region to show that we are leaders in the world of high-tech software engineering, enabling the realization of many smart systems.

Hans Aerts

VP software engineering, Tomtom

SC2 provides a good opportunity for me to be informed on the latest industry trends on software-related topics and to meet R&D peers facing similar challenges.

Henk van Assenbergh

Director software, electronics & system verification, Elekta

It’s becoming vital for high-tech organizations to be able to deliver high-quality software in time and manage the complete software lifecycle. SC2 is an interesting opportunity for me to exchange experiences with and learn from other companies.

Gerben Blom

Manager software development, Aebi Schmidt

Software is everywhere. A modern society without software is unthinkable. The amount of software is increasing, implying that the need for efficient development and maintenance is increasing as well.

Mark van den Brand

Professor of software engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology

The quality of our software and the efficiency of our software engineering determine whether we will be able to unlock the full value of our products.

Maarten Buijs

R&D director, Moba

I’m attending SC2 to meet people from the trenches of software development and discuss how operational data can be used to optimize development processes – devops for the win.

Arie van Deursen

Professor of software engineering, Delft University of Technology

Software will determine the success of high tech companies at an increasingly fast rate. Join me at SC2 to find out how others are dealing with the challenges and opportunities.

Arjan van der Hoogt

Manager software engineering, Océ

SC2 provides an excellent platform to be informed about software-centric systems development in Dutch industry, its challenges and its recent advances. It’s the place to meet the key players in the field.

Joost-Pieter Katoen

Professor of software modeling and verification, RWTH Aachen University

With software being an increasingly important product differentiator it’s vital for high tech companies to apply state-of-the-art software engineering techniques. SC2 is an important event to share best practices.

Arjen Klomp

Strategic programme manager software, Thermo Fisher Scientific/FEI

Society depends on software to work correctly and fulfil its expectations, even when they remain unexpressed or change. All industry sectors need to master software architecture/engineering competences to remain competitive.

Patricia Lago

Professor of software engineering, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Our ability to produce high-quality and high-value software is our main differentiator to stay ahead of our competitors and to keep on advancing the world of health.

Yan Lucas

R&D software manager, BD Kiestra

Software is what makes the digital society run. Once in place, a piece of code will most likely never be removed. Software engineering therefore simply needs to be done right.

Maarten van Steen

Professor of computer science, Twente University

There is too much code in high-tech systems that is not of economic value. I visit SC2 to discuss ways to professionalize the software engineering discipline and improve our legacy code bases.

Dirk-Jan Swagerman

Senior director imaging chain cluster, Philips

Innovation thrives on creativity and free exchange of ideas. SC2 is an ideal opportunity for software architects to look outside their company and connect with their peers.

Frank Zalm

Director applications engineering, Thales Nederland