Andrei Radulescu
[Thermo Fisher Scientific/FEI]

Renaissance: tools for large-scale code refactoring

11:00 – 11:40 and 15:15 – 15:55 (subject to change)

Complex software code bases, growing into millions of lines of code over tens of years, inevitably accumulate technical debt. This leads to increasing costs over time of both adding features and maintenance. Addressing technical debt through manual refactoring or rewriting software is very hard to justify to the business. Therefore, at Thermo Fisher Scientific, we have developed tools that increase the speed and efficiency of large-scale refactoring of legacy code. These tools analyze our code base and offer a simple way to visually navigate and understand the actual structure of the software. We have further extended the tools to semi-automatically restructure our code base into smaller components with explicit interfaces, which improves the architecture and reduces build times.

Andrei Radulescu (Thermo Fisher Scientific/FEI)

Andrei Radulescu has been with Thermo Fisher Scientific/FEI since 2011, as a software architect for the control server. He helped bring to market Talos, Thermo Fisher Scientific/FEI’s mid-range TEM platform. Prior to that, he worked for ST-Ericsson, NXP on chip interfaces, being a key contributor to the MIPI Unipro and JEDEC UFS standards, and for Philips on on-chip networks. He holds a PhD and a MSc degree in computer science from Delft University of Technology and Politehnica University Bucharest, respectively.