Dirk-Jan Swagerman [Philips]

Why all software teams move towards zero innovation speed and what to do about it

10:15 – 10:55 and 14:30 – 15:10 (subject to change)

Software is eating the world and has become a major driver for economic growth. Companies are spending increased percentages of their R&D budget on software. Unfortunately, not all of this increased spending is of true economic benefit for the company and its customers. Legacy software costs eat significant portions of the budget. Industry is in need of breakthrough innovations to reduce software maintenance cost. Philips Healthtech Image Guided Therapy Systems successfully applied model-driven engineering techniques to reduce the software stack with over 1 million lines of code, significantly lowering the cost of maintenance. This talk will explain the Philips approach.

Dirk-Jan Swagerman (Philips)

Dirk-Jan Swagerman works at Philips Healthtech Image Guided Therapy Systems as senior director R&D for the imaging chain cluster in the BIU IGT systems, responsible for software discipline. Between 1998 and 2012 he worked at FEI Company electron microscopes as a software director. Having managed software teams working with large legacy code bases, he has seen the impact of time, changing technologies, organization structures, processes and personnel on a software stack, requiring more people to maintain innovation speed and quality. Dirk-Jan believes the software engineering discipline needs more rigour and maturing. He sees an answer in model-based software development and model-based testing techniques.