Erik-Jan van der Linden [Processgold]

Data applications for right value, right time

14:30 – 15:10 (subject to change)

The combination of process mining and data analytics can deliver enormous value for business users, but how can this be accomplished in complex business contexts? How do we get to right value from (big) data in right time? To this end, developers of systems for business users – so-called applications – should focus on business value, and other aspects such as performance and usability should be the concern of others. Therefore, layers in systems and in the development organization are needed. In systems, we discern platform, application template, application; in organization we discern software developer, data specialist, application developer and business user. We present this, and we provide cases at Ernst&Young and Aegon.

Erik-Jan van der Linden (Processgold)

Erik-Jan van der Linden has been active in information processing and information technology for thirty years. In 2004, he founded Magnaview, a high-tech software company in the field of data analytics. September 2016, Magnaview merged with Processgold to become Processgold International, of which he is the CEO. Processgold offers a software platform that helps organizations continuously improve their processes, with a true integration of process mining and data analytics.