Han Schaminee

Can car manufacturers deal with the uncertainty they will face in the next decade?

11:45 – 12:25 and 16:00 – 16:40 (subject to change)

The automotive industry will face more change in the next ten years than in the past hundred. They will have to move from car centric to user centric and provide mobility solutions to end users. Where they just made the step from mechanics to electronics, the future is clearly in software. When they do not change rapidly, new entrants like Google, Amazon and Microsoft will take control and the car makers will deteriorate to a position as platform providers. But can they change quickly enough or will their risk avoiding DNA block them to deal with the uncertainty caused by higher levels of innovation?

Han Schaminee (independent professional)

Han Schaminee graduated in mathematics and computer science at Eindhoven University of Technology. He joined Philips in 1981 and had various management roles, mostly in R&D and all with a strong software content. In 2008 he joined Tomtom as VP Automotive Engineering, and had several management positions thereafter. From 2014 he was Senior VP Location Technology Products but also responsible for the company software improvement programme. Tomtom achieved remarkable results with their Agile implementation, but found that implementing Agile is not just structure and processes, but especially a change of leadership style. Han left Tomtom at the beginning of 2017 and started his own company to help software teams to improve productivity. He now has several customers inside and outside the Netherlands.