Hristina Moneva [Oce]

Make modeling go viral

11:00 – 11:40 and 15:15 – 15:55 (subject to change)

Modeling – an overloaded and overpromising term suffering from a negative connotation, like a virus. Although many complex problems can be solved by modeling and many complex modeling problems have already been solved, it is still not changing enough the daily practice of software architecting and development. The problem is not that modeling is lacking added value, but the fact that it has become too much of an eliterian activity – just a selected group of people is able and willing to do it. And here arises the need of democratization: make it accessible and a part of everyone’s work. This talk will sketch how we are scaling model-based development: from many proof-of-concept and point solutions to everyday use in our department at Océ. With other words, how to make modeling go viral in a positive way.

Hristina Moneva (Oce)

Hristina Moneva is a modeling expert at Océ, responsible for scaling up the model-based practices within the Océ systems software departments to an integrated way of working for controller platform development (team of 50+ people). Before starting at Océ in 2016, she was a researcher at TNO-Esi. Her fundamental research interests, which she realized in a number of European research projects, consisted of decision support, modeling methodology and tooling. Her applied research encompassed several complex multidisciplinary modeling projects at various companies in the Eindhoven region, such as ASML, FEI, Vanderlande and Océ itself, leaving behind valuable insights and useful results. Hristina’s main interest in finding ways to apply academic innovations within an industrial setting made her take on a full-time job in Océ to do just that.