Björn Brinne [Peltarion]

How to go from AI experiments to operational AI

11:00 – 11:40 and 14:45 – 15:25 (subject to change)

AI will affect all industries in coming years. It’s already impacting our daily lives for instance in being able to speak to your phone, getting relevant information in your web searches, getting automated assistance from companies’ support channels and so on. Despite the obvious potential of AI, very few companies are of yet able to keep AI in production and the ones that do manage, spend a lot of effort in doing so. I will share experiences from fifteen years of working with AI, insights into some of the key challenges with developing operational AI and how you can overcome them.

Björn Brinne is the head of data science at Peltarion. Previously head of business intelligence Stockholm for King, he has over a decade of experience working in data science for companies such as Electronic Arts and Bwin Games, where he applied statistical modeling and predictive analytics for business intelligence and fraud detection. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics from Stockholm University and has contributed to many research papers across a range of academic fields, including computer science, string theory and computational biology. He joined Peltarion in November 2016 to help the company in its mission to make AI and deep learning accessible, affordable and reliable for everyone.