Daniel Simon [Axivion]

Continuous refactoring of software architectures: key for managing complexity

11:00 – 11:40 and 14:45 – 15:25 (subject to change)

The architecture of a software system and its management over the entire life cycle is key for sustainability. The software architecture is one of the most important artefacts and serves for communication in particular between the system and software architects and the developers. Qualities such as integrity, changeability, adaptability and comprehensibility are closely tied with the ability to evolve the system. However, software architecture is endangered by obsolescence caused for example by changing project targets or miscommunication leading to discrepancies between ‘plan’ and ‘implementation’. Continuous refactoring stops the ‘erosion’ of software architecture and is a game changer for software system development.

Daniel Simon studied computer science at the Saarland University and University of Stuttgart. After taking several roles in consulting different businesses in quality management, he took over responsibility for Axivion’s Professional Services. With his extensive experience in architecture management of IT and embedded software systems and his excellent communication skills, he and his team support Axivion’s customers in the introduction and establishment of sustainable software development. His activities cover both technology advances as well as improvement of development processes.