Hans van Eldert
[Kulicke & Soffa]

Updating software in SMT factories every 3 weeks, why not?

10:15 – 10:55 and 14:00 – 14:40 (subject to change)

Continuous deployment of software is hot. Especially for web applications and mobile apps, this already is common practice. Is it also possible in a high-tech industry environment with 24/7 production and strict uptime requirements? Downtime for software installation immediately impacts the productivity of the factory. At Kulicke & Soffa we’re able to install new software releases every sprint into real production at multiple customer sites. This is the story about how we achieved this, why we’re doing this, but also the challenges we face and the way we work together with these customers: why they’re open for the idea to install new software every three weeks.

Hans van Eldert is the manager of the software department at Kulicke & Soffa in Eindhoven (previously Assembléon). He started his software development career at Philips Numerical Controls, developing software for complex milling and turning machines. After ten years he continued at Assembleon focusing on integration of kinematics and motion systems enabling the pick and place processes. After the company was acquired by Kulicke & Soffa new developments started, leading to double growth of the software team. His current drive as manager is to make the software and organization ready for the future, enabling shorter development cycles, with new features and fixes that satisfy our customers.