Marc Loos [IBM],
Maxim Burgerhout [Red Hat],
Pieter Smith [Signify] &
Marija Grueva [Philips]

Open-source software: ignore or embrace?

10:15 – 11:40 and 14:00 – 15:25 (subject to change)

Leading software companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon have used open-source software in their code stacks and development tools for many years. They’ve also started to support the OSS community and they’ve even disclosed parts of their software source code. The two most known OSS packages, the Linux operating system and the Git code management system, have had a tremendous impact. More than 100 billion dollars in software cost is saved globally each year by adopting OSS.

There’s a lot we can learn from the OSS community, both from its successes and from its failures. The open source organizational models differ to a great extent from the models we use in corporate business. Instead of a process-centric view, we can safely speak of a code-centric view, where development depends for a great deal on inspired individuals and groups that explore concepts they find interesting.

This session features Marc Loos from IBM, Maxim Burgerhout from Red Hat, Pieter Smith from Signify and Marija Grueve from Philips. They will discuss pressing questions with regards to OSS: how to implement and maintain it? What are the best practices? How to speed up development? How to comply with licensing models? How to contribute to the community? The session is organized by Spider (Software Process Improvement in The Netherlands).

Marc Loos is a cloud advocate at IBM. Maxim Burgerhout is a senior solution architect at Red Hat. Pieter Smith is software lead in the Hue connected LED programme at Signify. Marija Grueva is a member of the Chief Architecture Office at Philips.